Monday, April 19, 2010


Since last week untill this week...
no mood to study..
felt time pass so slow..
very unlucky..cheat by computer shop by RM30 for installment fees..WTF..
tried to do my account assignment..which must have to pass up on next monday..
and one more english project...deadline is 30/04..rush rush rush..
morning..donate money to charity by buying the cartoon wallet didnt bring...put at another bags..luckily VERON lent me..
just done my Bussiness Satistic test..lost 2 marks..become more down..
when driving back...i hope to drive above 130km/h,but~~cannot...scare the saman..haiz..just can drive 90km/h...waste my time..
the wheather too hot ad..make me pek cek ah!!!
mid term exam is coming soon...stressful..
It's the time!!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


LVSS=Lynn+Veron+Sin +Siang..
Hehe..nice to meet them..they are too frendly ..
This 2 days..we have our lunch at crispy popiah there..
later we went to Library do our tutorial homework..
We spent our times at library..i enjoyed it..because can disscuss v them and soluted the problem..
In my class..have ,many ppl comes from JB..omg..but they are quite welcome..
Erm..although the class are late..but i enjoyed it..bcoz this is my choice...
Expecting..Friday will having lunch v my best fren at Full House after the class end ...haha..
Sin...gambateh..hehe..i m trying to do hard in my course..focus on my study..after foundation..i just play ...this is my promise to my parent....

Miss someone..haha..hope can see u soon..

Saturday, March 27, 2010

College Life..

Originally..i have to attend my orientation day on this Monday.
But the offers letter is written that the date is 25th.. and Boss miss the orientation class,Economic and Bussiness Satistic class..
I was worried my notes..because i saw many people have their owns notes..
After the Accounting class..I met wei siang and ah cai them..and having our lunch at SS15..i introduced them go to eat "pan mee"..the joke is..i told them wrong place should be next shop... is never mind to having lunch there..
After having my lunch..i fetch dai lou them back college..and i accompany him go to office..While i waiting he took the student ID , me took the placement test ...later we back..
Yesterday,me and dai lou no same class already..after the class end..we went to pyramid's popular and MPH..WTH..there is non of any book we want famous..also didnt have..felt dissapointed ..
Because dai lou wan use Bussiness satistic main text on next monday..if not have book..he will get out of the lecture theater.. went to Jusco's popular found alone..
It also didnt have..just have one english book..and the price is more expensive..
So..I went to fetch Ben..we go SUBANG OLD TAYLOR's there..have a bookshop called "kedai buke universiti"..there is out of parking i went to buy..BEN wait in car.. happy..because the shop have open today..
firstly,i bought Bussiness Satistic for RM66 and English for RM39..mean 1 set =RM105.
Then i bought 2 set..i give him RM210..
later i confused..want buy Bussiness accounting or not..then i called dai lou..he said ok..then me also ok is for RM60 i give him more RM120..
I wanted he opened 2 receipts for me..and i didnt see the receipt write wat..
after that..just go back..
Hehe..i scare dai lou will worrying his text i immediately sms him .
When i wanted have a nap..i think about the price..why receipt write the total is RM135???it should be RM165 ah..
That boss 's calculation no good..
Luckily BEN accompany me went there..if no want find a parking space also difficult and waste time..
After thet we go to A&W roof beer add on vanila..

P/s:felt something unhappy while at college..when i go there..i rather back home immediately after the class end..

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Ben is as good as i cant described...

Coz i hope to meet my frens..(wei siang ,ah cai and xynn them)..

And mum dun let me go ...she said wasting time...i just told them i wan go to ask my scholarship...

Called the scholarship department holder-Miss Saw Bee Lian...from tuesday untill today...i have been called her many times...but nobody accept..

Just now i just asked Ben wan accompany me go or not...he say however he is tired he also wan accompany me go...hihi..

He is also very busy in his work..but he told me :"Because of u". not happy about he wan accompany me he really "care" me...

Erm..and he also worrying me when i start my course.

Very expecting to start my course...known more frens..and i hope i can stop wasting money...the money shouldnt be waste..better i can control the money ...coz this year wan go Singapore ...Next year wan go Taiwan and Japan's Hokkaido...there must go...erm!!

21th of april is Ben's birthday!! Is thinking want how to celebrate...and the importance is his present...hope urs can give me suggestion...

6 days to go..

I have to start my course..

I know it is no easy..

I have to learrn 4 subjects..

Accounting 2 + Economics 2 + Bussiness Satistic 2 + English 3

= Foundation in Bussiness

Quite Expensive...Rm7944..

So..i must hardworking...

All frens ...all the BEST!!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Go genting highland..

Sunday go to Genting Highland v Ben 's family..
Ben lost 350$ in Casino..haiz..
Then i went to eat Szilling yee mee..walao ei..15$ each..
Slept at 3am..
Next day ..we went to play outdoor...each ppl 44$...
i tried to play with them..however the game is feel dangerous..
Played the game..change the token v many money..i think Ben have change more than 100$ for token..
Lastly..i trough the ring to the is quite difficult.. haha...last ring...i cool down and have been give up..just won a big prize..tat pink happy...
Others game just won 6 little toy..

Then...about 3pm..we go out and buy 4D ticket..OMG..when we go inside..we thaught can watch ad..
nabeh..want wait 1 hours..after we wait 15minit...we gave up and back ...

Went to have dinner..too hungry ad..

After i have 7...i on9 awhile...then slept untill 10.30 morning...damn tired!!!

It is quite enjoying travel v them...

And me also spent a lot of money..= =..

Me and Ben..We do it for it so much!!!
Our gift..

I tried it..very enjoy..want try lagi..

Where were u looking at har???????



Stupid Ben..hihi..


They sang nice in the night pub..and sexy..


Ben and his brother..

All of us..v ben's family..

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Shopping Whole Day!!!

Very tired now...
went out at 2pm...with BEN,YUE ZHEN,KENG CHEE...
we went to ONE UTAMA..
coz keng chee wan buy a =...
Really shock with him...
Haiz...1 u no have we went to THE CURVE find...also didnt have...
After tat..go the thing at there..hihihi...
Then we back at 6pm....

OMG...tat keng chee although die also wan buy ta watch...
so we back to change his car and fetch KOK YAM...
Go KLCC...
i have to follow..coz nobody at home..mum and papa go dating...^^...
Too tired ad..back at 10pm...go 天后宫there eat seafood...

Reach my house was 12am ad...then my mum say wan go to meet father ..coz father is drinking with his frens...
Walao..i ate again...
now my stomach beh tahan ad...
cant sleep at all..

Today keng chee teach me one lesson...
must earn money by ownself...if in the future very difficult to pass..

And i m admire 4 of them...coz they r very good in memory the road..
Go where...Wat road..which lorong..they also very clear...
no easy...

Still have 11 days ..i want start my uni life...
hope i can known many frens and learn to speak well in uni...
dun waste my father money...

At here..thx my father bought me a new car for me drive to need take by ktm..
really make me need trouble in need trouble in money problem...i know it is very expensive for petrol and tol..but i rather to drive... mum wan me stay at there..coz she is worrying me very waste time in driving..if got exam..i will stress...

But my frens (yue zhen,keng chee,kok yam) said:"cannot"!!!
coz they say i will become bad girls if i stay there..
hehe...their frens in subang..all girls will go drink when they have time..clubbing...

But..the house around taylor and sunway 's house make me feel there r so dirty and geli..
maybe i m virgo..

If taylor's hostel no have many law....and i can no need back hostel if i imform them and back home suka suka me...i will stay there...

Or stay v a group of frens..

And i m looking forward to attend the primary school 's gathering on next saturday at zhen zhen hao steamboat .6M class..i wont forget my classmate...

Now is 2 am ad...wan sleep ad...goodnite everyone...
Wish all my frens all the best!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


given by mua zhi..hihi..

= =..

Today..mei zhi and xuxu came to klang here..

We go to Bangi Kopitiam at Botanic..dun know y today's food damn not good..

Later tat we go to JJ..


very happy..coz i met mei zhi and xuxu ad..long time no see them..

And dai lou also go with us oh~

still have jia tong and kar jun..

2 of them are busy..

jia tong say she will come here before 25..

kar jun leh..i heard from cai ming said that he is busy doing his assighment..

Quite pity..

Hehe..i will same like him after 2 week..

At here..i hope everyone will enjoy in their course..all the best..

just now very hungry oh..coz mum didnt cook..after she fetch brother go to klang..she and father go pasar buy food eat..
me ah..haiz...wait untill 9.30..wait my ben finished playing his badminton...
we go 555 eat ..suddenly rain..luckily we sat inside..haha...
luckily...i still have u..